Why can't I access my results?

Standard Reports

Standard reports are released the day after grades are due each term. For specific dates, view the current schedule.

Department chairs, deans, and other report administrators (such as administrative assistants and office managers) must contact the course evaluation administrator to request access to standard reports. Only instructors receive access to these reports automatically.

If the standard reports have been released, but you're not able to access them, make sure you're logging in with your NinerNET user name and password. This is the same username and password you use to log in to 49er Express, Moodle, and other campus systems.

In addition, make sure you're going to the correct web site:

If you taught a class and also requested access as a department chair, dean, or other report administrator, you can use the instructor link to access your own reports, but you must use the report administrator link to access the reports for other instructors.

‚ÄčNote: You must go directly to the appropriate site by clicking a link or typing the full URL. These sites don't link to each other and they're not accessible from the uncc.campuslabs.com home page.

Ad-hoc Reports

Ad-hoc reports are published as soon as possible after the standard reports are released. It may take several weeks for a particular report to be published. For a more specific estimate, contact the course evaluation administrator.

If an ad-hoc report is shared with you in Google Apps, you can download and redistribute the report, but you can't share it with other people in Google Apps. To request access for other people, contact the course evaluation administrator.

If you're unable to access ad-hoc reports in Google Apps, make sure you're logged in with your UNC Charlotte account. If you're already logged in to Google Apps with a personal account, log out and then log back in with your NinerNET username and password. It should redirect to https://googleapps.uncc.edu automatically or you can go there directly.