How are results aggregated?

Students complete Web-based course evaluations for one or more course sections. In reports, the results for each section are aggregated or combined with other sections in the same segment, where segments represent:

  • Courses
  • Programs
  • Departments
  • Colleges

Some reports also include aggregated results for the entire institution.

For example, SPED 3175-080 is a section associated with the following segments:

  • Course: SPED 3175
  • Program: Special Education
  • Department: Department of Special Education & Child Development
  • College: College of Education

All sections are associated with a course and college, while the program and department segments are optional.

In the Web-based system, cross-listed sections are combined and treated as one section, but the individual sections are still associated with courses, programs, departments, and colleges. For more information about cross-listed sections: Can I see results for individual sections that are cross-listed?